I have bone spurs on my spine, moderate scoliosis, thoracic spine, kyphosis, osteoporis and osteoarthritis. I have continued back pain, pain in my hip?

Scoliosis back pain. There are many causes for back and hip pain, sometimes not as obvious as the curve in your spine on x-ray. Get a good evaluation 2 see if your spine is truly the problem causing the pain. Often, buttock-type hip pain comes from l4-s1, but groin hip pain comes from the hip joint itself and has nothing to do with the spine, even if the pictures look bad. Good docs can find ur true pain source. Thx!
Pain due to combo. Pain is probably due to combination of things bone spur, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis can also lead to vertebral fractures which can be very painful. Get evaluated, may need imaging and d/w doctor better pain control.

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I have osteonecrosis in my hip. I also have bone spurs on my spine, middle back pain, curved spine & osteoporosis. What are my expected treatments?

Total hip. You will need to have a total hip replacement for the hip osteonecrosis.Osteoporosis need to be treated with the proper medicines(biphosphonates, orally o parentally.Parathyroid hormone subcutaneosly and vit d4000u daily.You will find out that after the total hip the back pain will improve and good pt program to strenghtening the core muscles will olso help with the back pain. Read more...