12 days post-op wisdom tooth extraction. Had a bad taste in mouth which is gone now, still have unpleasant breath sometimes. Brushing 3x/day, peridex (chlorhexidine gluconate) 2x/day, dentist says no infection or gum problems?

May be unrelated. The initial bad taste after the extraction may have been a dry socket, food debris, or bacteria caught in the socket. Unpleasant breath may be caused by other factors, including cavities, gastric reflux, and your diet. All these potential causes need to be explored, since brushing and gargling will only temporarily mask the problem. All the best..
Could be bad taste. From a socket that is not completely closed up and collecting food debris, bacteria, etc.; plaque on tongue? -do you use a tongue blade daily?; post nasal drip; GI problems; foods?; you can also try certain mouth rinses such as closys and breathrx that help remove sulfide gases in your mouth. More information at: http://smilesapartcosmeticdentist.Com/fresh-breath-control.Htm.
Sounds about right! If your wisdom teeth were impacted and required surgical extractions, your description seems to be on a proper healing time line! your gum tissue still wouldn't be completely healed over and even in a week or so when it is, it will be a couple of months before the bone in the extraction sites is remodeled & filled in. Continue to follow your dentist's instructions!
Believe him. Unpleasant breath could be from acid reflux and or your present condition.
Sounds fine but... Seems like your symptoms are what to expect, but if it lingers, see the dentist/oral surgeon or call office.

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