Would a cta scan of chest show coronary artery aneurysms?

CTA. A coronary cta should show them. A general chest cta would be less sensitive.
Thoracic aorta. You are asking about a cta of the chest. A ct angiogram of the chest will demonstrate all of the vessels in the chest. Specifically the doctor ordering the test should explain what he/she is concerned about. You have hypertension and if you presented to the ed the doctor may have been concerned about aortic dissection. The cta is a good test for that if clinically you had chest pain.
Yes, but. Coronary aneurysm do not rupture (in adults) like aneurysms of the aorta. When present, they have no more significance than garden variety atherosclerosis and are treated the same. They most often arise from atherosclerosis. In infants, they may result as a complication of kawasaki disease and can become large and even rupture.

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Will a CT angiogram of the coronary arteries reveal a pulmonary embolism or other lung disease and is it harmful to have 2 CT scans in the same month?

It might. A CT angiogram or the coronaries might show a pulmonary embolism, provided that the radiologists obtained full field of view reconstructions (some do not) and the pulmonary embolism is not higher or lower than the field of view. most often, the answer would be yes, a significant PE would be identified on this type of scan. having two ct's in the same month is not optimal, but likely of no harm. . Read more...