What does it mean if you bleed after sex?

Depends. There can be many causes. You may have an infection, the bleeding can be from the cervix. You could have a polyp that is bleeding from the trauma. It can also be due to irritaion of the vaginal mucosa. You should see your doctor to have a pelvic examination.
Post coital bleeding. Bleeding after sex may be due to timing closest to menses or lacerations (small cuts) during the act . More serious causes such as cervical cancer and polyps need to be considered. At any rate, you should consult with a physician at the earliest possible !

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What does it mean when you bleed after sex? And keep bleeding

Virginity? Hello, was this ur first time having sex? f yes then it is normal to have some bleeding afterward and also some spotting for a little while, if not then lack of lubrication, trauma, infection among others could be the reason. Read more...

What does it mean when you bleed some after sex?

Time to see your . Doctor. Any abnormal bleeding is a warning sign and you should see your doctor for an evaluation. Read more...