Why does my left ear feel clogged and when I take a shower it feels moist, itchy and gets dry skin inside the next day. Whats wrong with my ear?

Maybe due to water. Getting wate or shampoo in the ear can cause irritation. The clogging could be due to water or moist wax. Yo may need to have the ear examined to make sure there is not a wax buildup.
Possibly wax. If you have wax in your ear it can lead to clogging and fullness if water gets in your ear. It is a good idea to see and ENT doctor to have him or her take a look and see if it needs to be cleaned. In general problems with the ears occur when people clean them with q-tips or other measures. Best to just leave your ears alone.
Ear canal inflammed. You may indeed have soft wet wax in your ear canal from getting it wet. The water and the wax can make the ear feel clogged. A wet ear canal can also set the stage for an external ear infection. See your doctor or ENT for evaluation and treatment.. In general, it is best to keep your ears dry while bathing/showering.