I'm 4 1/2 weeks postpartum via csection & I'm breastfeeding. 2wks ago my lochia was basically done then I started heavy & red & still going. Normal?

Maybe. If you've started on the progestin-only birth control pill (the "minipill") or gotten the birth control shot (depo-provera), you're likely to have spotting for a month or more; otherwise see you doctor for an early post-partum check.
Yes, it can be. You can have bleeding off and on during the postpartum period. Breastfeeding causes contractions of the uterus. This is a normal pattern. Breast feeding helps the uterus return to normal size quicker. The bleeding is the shedding of lining. If you are soaking more than 1 pad in an hour or passing large clots call your obstetrician.