Can alcohol abuse cause drop foot?

Yes. And stopping now can help. Foot drop + 33 year-old female could also be from ms or a cord lesion.
Yes. If someone fails asleep and is drunk withthe legs crossed at the knees it can put pressure on the common peroneal nerve which can result in a foot drop.Usually a person, if not intoxicated, will move out of a position that would cause this but if drunk this may not happen. Malnutrition is often associated with alcoholism and can cause nerve problems as well.
Yes. Alcohol in excess can effect the nerves called alcoholic neuropathy and cause a foot drop.

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Nephew has alcohol problem. Showed me bottoms (soles) of feet 3/4 of sole of feet were black. Could alcohol abuse cause this and, if so, how serious?

See a doctor . This does not sound good. He may have a problem with his circulation. He should see a doctor for an evaluation. Read more...
Hyperpigmentation. Chronic liver disease (often from chronicalcohol abuse) can cause darkened skin - legs, face and other sites may be affected. The liver is vital - it's not good when diseased. Encourage him to get treatment and take it seriously - he might turn it around - or he might die younger than we'd like. Read more...