My big toe on my right foot started twitching today now my left toe is twitching constantlydo I have ALS or MS also I haven't been getting much rest.

Toe twitching. Get some rest, eat of good healthy meal, drink fluids and see if it goes away. The chances of it being ALS or ms is incredible small. It's only been one day.
Maybe RLS. You could be experiencing initial signs of Restless Leg Syndrome, and this may be affecting your sleep. This is not indicative of either ALS or MS. Seek out a sleep specialist and start to assess your picture.
No need for worry. Als or ms have a lot more symptoms than just a twitching toe, things like generalized muscle weakness, loss of coordination. All would be occurring if you are heading down this road. I would not worry about this. It is probably just a temporary nervous twitch.