I'm 27, have no kids yet have really bad stress marks on the sides of my stomach. There dark too n its ugly! Is there a way to remove them? Laser?

Tough problem. Unfortunately, stretch marks have been a problem to manage and we really have no great treatments. Their are profractional laser treatments that are available but truthfully probably the result is not worth the cost. There are some topical creams such as Mederma which may fade stretch marks but we still have not found the magic bullet. My best advice is to just try to stay physically fit.
Possibly. Stretch marks occur from pregnancy and in response to changes in weight or muscle mass and skin tension (ex. Weight lifting) also from steroid use. Certain medical syndromes like cushing and marfan's are also associated with striae. Topical medications and lasers may improve appearance but won't rid of them completely. If no recent weight change or steroid use, may want to consult doctor.