Does rtms work for migraines?

Yes. Actually, a single pulse of tms when you are having an aura can abort a migraine. There is an fda-approved product out right now which will do just that. Also, low frequency rtms to the occiput (back of the head) may be beneficial in reducing frequency and intensity of migraines but this procedure is not fda approved.
Rtms. Im not sure what rtms is but there is data that indicates a positive response to transcranial magnetic stimulation in migraine headache if it is caught early. Its thought that the stimulation aborts the slow moving electrical activity across the brain seen in migraine. Migraine is a neurologic event that occasionaly has vascular consequences although the role of the vascular response is debated in.
Probably yes. Migraines are a vascular problem that cause neural changes. Low frequency stimulation would likely mask the migraine but would have to be very selectively used. Most migraines are not thoroughly worked up and frequently incorrectly diagnosed. Good thing to research!