What is existing medical research on alternative meds/herbs for bph?

Here are some... The excitement to search alternative meds/herbs seems having died down lately. The ingredients of so-called alternative meds usually include saw palmetto, pygeum, bee pollen, zinc, selenium, lycopene, vitamins, etc. The studies on these failed to constantly prove their claimed effects, at best, marginal and inconsistent. Of course, another wave of similar effort may loom; time will tell.
NBE treatment. Nbe treatmen is an east/west therapy that can provide dramatic result for BPH and a variety of chronic ailments, mental and physical disorders. Thousands of cases from radio shows, youtube and patient letters are posted on www.Drtong.Com.
Not much... At this time, there os no strong recommendation of any alternative medicine for bph...What has been available and has the most data thus far is saw-palmetto. This works for some people, not all. It is well known, quite safe...And has virtually no drug interaction with the commonly used medications today. Check with your doc, especially if taking prescription meds. Good luck.