What are the symptoms of a kidney tumor?

Kidney tumors. Rarely produce symptopoms when small, and usually are found when blood is detected in a urine analysis or as a finding on an abdominal ct done for another reason.
As follows. Blood in the urine, flank pain, and a palpable mass is the classic triad of symptoms in patients with kidney cancer but nowadays a good number of patients are diagnosed incidentally while getting scans for some other reason. Also, patients can have weight loss, fatigue, pain in the bones, liver problems, fever, lethargy, or other symptoms depending on the situation.Do not diagnose yourself, see md.
X-ray. In the past, most kidney cancers were detected at a high stage or late stage (the cancer has grown large and invaded other structures) and therefore the signs were a large mass that can be felt, hematuria, or side/back pain. However today many kidney cancers are being detected at an early stage (small and limited to the kidney) because patients have x-rays (ct scan) for other reasons.