Eye sty 12hrs+ swollen upper lid & half closed. No visible discharge. Concern w/infection since my total hip repl 9 mo ago. Urgent care?

1st heat/compresses. I would recommend treating the sty with 10' of moderately warm compresses 3-4 times daily and massage the area with a wet washcloth with a mild no tears shampoo. This should help to decompress the blocked oil gland. If however your eyelid swelling persists and/or worsens, see eyemd who can evaluate for other treatment modalities. If fever, vision decrease, or double vision, seek medical care asap.
Go to the Doctor. I would not send you to urgent care for this. It is nearly 6:30 am in the pacific northwest on this thursday morning. I would get in to see your family doctor or optometrist this morning.