I have thyroid hypertension but also have grave disease I went to eye doctor they one of my eyes is out of line what cause this?

Graves disease. Graves disease can be associated with exophthalmus, where the eyes bulge out. Hyperhthyroidism can cause hypertension also, you need to have your disease adequately controlled. Follow up with your endocrinologist.
Talk to your. Eye doctor. Graves' disease is an immune disorder and can have various negative effects on the eyes, one of which can cause protrusion and prominence of the eyes, often leading to blurred vision.
Muscle hypertrophy. In thyroid-related orbitopathy, the extra ocular muscles enlarge, and , as a consequence, push the eyeball outward(proptosis) which affects the alignment and motility of the eye(s). Double vision is a symptom. Treatment is necessary by your endocrine doctor, coupled to possible a radiation oncologist. Your eye md monitors eye health and may need to treat excessive dryness/double vision.

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My eye doctor request a CT scan I have graves and he one of my eyes is out of line can this be straighten out?

May be. Exophthalmous or one or both eyes sticking out and or down or up is part of graves disease. If it is minimal and over long time no treatment is necessary. If sudden and great amount a short course of high dose steroids may be indicated. If chronic but so much that is affecting the optic nerve then an extensive surgery called orbital decompression usually done by ENT surgeons may be indicated. Read more...
Thyroid eye disease. The ct scan is to verify that nothing else is complicating the issue. If you are having double vision with the eye mis-alignment there are things that can be done to help the double vision until your condition becomes stable, and then if the double vision persists it can be be appropriately corrected. Read more...