What symptoms typically go along with female genital cutting?

FGM or cutting. Here is an article on female genital cutting i submitted and edited for health and human services and webmd: http://women.Webmd.Com/news/20000713/doctors-must-gain-better-understanding-of-female-genital-mutilation.
What's the cause? If the cause is self mutilation than this is not treated any differently by psychologists/psychiatrists than "cutting" in any other area of the body. This is a very serious sign of signifciant "emotional issues" and is often seen in teens in distress.Some cultures inflict genital "cutitng/mutilation" as a way to keep females "in line".And is deplorable but can be surgically remedied by a gyn.
FGM. Female genital mutilation can lead to death, severe chronic pain, hemorrhage, urinary retention, urinary tract infections, keloid scars, strictures, fistula, incontinence, infertility, painful intercourse, painful periods, neuroma, recurrent infections, septicemia, transmission of hepatitis, tetanus, HIV & difficulty with childbirth. This doesn't address the emotional damage & horror inflicted.
Cutting by self or ? Female genital cutting generally refers to female genital mutilation which the who, in a joint statement with other public health agencies, has classified into 4 categories. Types i-iii represent the more severe versions including clitoral resection and/or infibulation with closure of the vaginal introitus. Type IV includes self imposed cutting, shaving, etc alterations as well.