What symptoms of chronic pancreatitis are the most important?

All. Pain can be severe, life-altering, requiring narcotics. Diabetes can be "brittle"-hard to control, with very high and very low levels of blood sugar in the same day, associated with various complications of diabetes. Maldigestion can cause malnutrition, weight loss, osteoporosis, fatty, greasy, foul-smelling stools. Rx is available for all; complex issue.

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Question about pancreas: what is the difference between pancreatitis and chronic pancreatitis don't theys have painfull symptoms? What I heard

Pancreatitis. Is inflammation of the pancreas and can be acute (sudden) or chronic (long lasting). Both can be painful and associated with vomiting and digestive problems. The most common cause of acute pancreatitis is disease of the biliary tree such as gallstones or infection. Alcohol use is also associated with pancreatitis. Thanks for trusting HealthTap!

No symtpoms but had EUS due to lipase #'s. Doc said: "few features of chronic pancreatitis but overall very non-specific." Never had pancreatitis b4?

Tests lead to tests. Real question is why lipase ordered in 1st place if no symptoms. All tests have false positives. False positives go up if patient without typical symptoms of disease in question. If test results pursued without looking at big picture, doctors & patients can get on a road to nowhere. If no symptoms and very mild/nonspecific findings on advanced testing, risk is low. Check in w/ Dr every 2-3 months.
Who knows. EUS not terribly specific. Have you had CT with pancreatic protocol or MRCP? No hx of cystic fibrosis? Would see another specialist.

Is headache or migraine a symptom of chronic pancreatitis? I know the other symptoms. Is there relation between the two?

Not really. Migraines are a separate entity and not related to the pancreatitis. However, and pain/stress can easily trigger a headache; so, in that sense, it could be related, particularly if your pancreatitis is flaring up a little.
Not in my experience. I have not encountered that or heard of that correlation before. Typically it's more gastrointestinal related symptoms like fatty stools, epigastric stomach pain that can radiate to the back, nausea, vomiting-all worse after eating- and late in the course you can develop diabetes. Sometimes patients will report general body aches, chills, fever, fatigue with attacks.

If chronic pancreatitis is diangosis early by EUS but patient is completely asymptomatic w/out experiencing pancreatitis ever. What will be course of action? Will symptoms (pain, nausea) eventually come?

Avoid all triggers. Avoiding all triggers of acute on chronic pancreatitis is critical. Alcohol is to be avoided at all cost and at any measure. If pancreatitis is caused by high triglycerides, make sure to take prescribed medications. There are rarer causes including genetic disorders, certain medications, duct abnormalities, and autoimmune diseases. Presumably you know the cause, but if not, talk w/your doctor.
Pancreatitis. May or may not. Not able to tell. Sorry. Close observation to signs symptoms (esp abdominal pain) important. Close f/u with GI doctor also important. If alcohol user, stop. If smoker, stop.

CHANCES of idiopathic chronic pancreatitis to vanish by taking medication from 2 months. As now only PAIN occurs rarely no vomiting and othr symptoms?

Leave but return. Zee, Chronic pancreatitis is a relapsing, remitting disease. It will go away, then return. How often you have flare ups depends on several factors: luck, how much alcohol you use, and what kind of foods you eat. Stick to low protein foods, NO alcohol, and hopefully your relapses will be few and far between. If you feel your pancreatitis is acting up, see your doctor. Hope this helps!