What symptoms does someone with hand foot mouth have?

Virus Coxsakie A16. Caused by a pox virus, coxsackie a16. Sometimes erroneously called "hoof and mouth disease".
Painful blisters. This is caused by a. Iris typically I late summer and effects the fingers and toes with small painful blisters. This runs it's course in about one week, and is contagious. There is no specific treatment. Avoid contact during contagious stage.

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What are the symptoms of hand foot mouth disease?

See below. Normally a fever, sore throat and a rash on the palms and soles.
Sores in mouth. Sores in the back of the mouth. Small children may refuse to eat or drink. Fever to 103 f for 2 days. Rash on palms and soles. The rash looks like small blisters. Rash can also be on the upper thigh and buttocks (red bumps).

When are symptoms after exposure to hand foot mouth disease?

Several. Sore throat, fever, rash on the hands or feet and sores in the mouth. There can also be loose stools, irritability, not eating, etc.

What are symptoms of a major case of hand foot mouth and minor case?  

Fever/spots/pain. Hfm varies more in intensity than anything. Some kids can have it & run a brief temperature & never show other symptoms. Some have fever, localized spots on their wrists & nothing else. Some have terrible mouth sores, spots on wrists/forearms/legs feet & around the bottom & have cramping & loose stools. So fever, loose stools & cramps, amount & location of blisters seem to be the main variables.