Deep pelvic and ovary pain after sex and finger penetration. Also some pain when using tampons. No infection. Sign of endometriosis? Cramps most days.

Pelvic pain. I certainly agree with my colleague about having a full gynecological exam. I will add that pelvic pain is also common after sexual trauma http://tinyurl.Com/mnwtb3s in addition, it can become chronic -- and has a high correlation with post-traumatic stress disorder http://tinyurl.Com/let5huw help is possible with therapists who are experienced in emdr and body-focused psychotherapies.
See a Gynecologist . You should see your gynecologist for a complete health history & physical exam. While deep pain you are describing can be seen in endometriosis, other conditions can also cause it - including pelvic congestion, adhesions, adnexal pathology, scarring from pelvic inflammatory disease, as well as less frequent causes like retroverted uterus and urinary infections. You need a complete evaluation.