Does anyone have any feed back on hyland's teething tablets for babies?

New formula. They were recalled by the fda in 2010 the tablets, a homeopathic remedy, are supposed to contain vanishingly small amounts of belladonna, a toxin from a poisonous plant known as deadly nightshade.But since july of 2011 have a new formula and are considered same.
Yes. Go to snoops.Com. Product recalled in 2010. Sounds to me like there are a lot of other products that are safer to use for help with teething. Product is not currently on recall and may be reformulated. Check it out before giving it to your child.
Hylands teething tab. This isca homeopathic product used for teeting these tablets were originally recalled by the fda in 2010 because of seizures. They have be reformulated and are again available.