What does having esophagus muscle dysfunction mean?

Swallow'g difficult. The esophagus is a muscular tube whose function it is to move food into the stomach. When the muscle does not function properly swallowing can be difficult and food may accidentally find it's way into the windpipe. This causes reflexive coughing to get the food or fluid back into the esophagus. If the food doesn't get cleared from the windpipe it can cause aspiration pneumonia.

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My mother has developed esophagus muscle dysfunction. What is it exactly?

Swallowing trouble. The muscles that wrap around the esophagus, as well as the sphincters (both upper & lower) coordinate their contractions to produce peristalsis, thereby propelling food from the back of your mouth to the stomach, & keeping that food from backing up again. There are a lot of diseases that affect the esophagus muscles--some minor (presbyesophagus) & major (like achalasia, parkinson's, scleroderma). Read more...