What can I do to treat non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus?

Many things. Work with your doctor to develop a good diabetes treatment regimen. Try to utilize diabetes drugs that do not cause weight gain if possible. Start a consistent exercise and diet program. Eat more soluble fibers (oats, lentils, apples, berries...). Keep track of bs and keep close contact with your doctor.
Diet and exercise. The first source of information would be the american diabetes association, which has available a huge amount of literature on the subject. One can look up diabetes on google - but be careful that you realize that the material might not necessarily be checked for acuracy. I have recently released an informational dvd called "diabetes swweet 'n simple" which discusses the basics of the disease.
Personal Medicine+ . Health gaming is an emerging medical field. Mobile Health games can help. Physicians recommend water, increased veggie intake and walking 10k steps a day. Changing your behavior is HARD! Here is a health game that will help! Commit to tracking your nutrition and weighing in weekly. Losing just 10 pounds can reverse diabetic state. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/personal-medicine+/id846379884?m.