What are the most common symptoms of intussusception? Do I need to have all of them to really have it?

Doubt You have it! If you are old enough to ask this question it is unlikely you really have this problem. Intussusception is most common from 3-6 months of age with > 60% before 2y.The intestine overides itself like a telescoping antenna, making flow restricted & triggering pain.Sudden onset of waves of severe crampy pain in a child who appears well between events.Vomiting, apathy loose stools.Dx is a challange.
Intussusception. This is an "acute abdomen" and a medical emergency. Pt. Will have sever abdominal pain & may have vomiting, bloody stools. A part of the intestine invaginates into the distal portion and swelling of the intestine occurs. This may cut off or copromise the lood flowto the intestine& hence it needs to be corrected asap. Sometimnes it does correct by itself but seek medical care at once.