What are the main symptoms of fibrocystic breast disease?

Lumps and/or pain. Fibrocystic breast disease is quite common with 40% to 50% of women having this problem. Physical exam findings include lumpy, nodular, granular breast tissue in some or all areas of the breast. Many women with fibrocystis breast disease have breast pain or tenderness that commonly fluctuates with the menstrual cycle. The symptoms sometimes increase with more caffeine or chocolate in the diet.
Fibrocystic breast. Usually it is described by lumpy breast that get tender before your cycle from the hormone changes. The tenderness goes away after the period. Caffeine seems to make this worse. It is not cancer and affects about 60 % of women. Decreasing caffeine and primrose oil help this problem along with a support bra and advil (ibuprofen).

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Could fibrocystic breast disease go away over time?

No. Fibrocystic disease is a termused when the breast as it ages develops lumps which is due to minizing of breast tissue with replacement by fat and the effect of estrogen on the terminal milk ducts which tend to plug the ducts near the nipple. The small amount of fluid in the ducts accumulates as cystic fluid spaces within the ducts further causing lumpiness or fibrocytic disease.