Which is the best medication for really bad anxiety other than benzodiazapines? I am already on risperidone, celexa and depakote. I have also tried Buspar (buspirone) with no relief.

No single best. There is no single best medication- different things work for different people. However, i would advise not relying only on medication. Even bad anxiety can respond to counseling (like cognitive behavioral therapy), meditation, exercise, emotional freedom technique, homeopathy, supplements like magnesium, b complex, l-theanine & 5-htp & herbs like holy basil & ashwagandha. Consult a holistic doc!
Anxiety. Believe it or not the very best medication for anxiety is daily aerobic exercise. Begin slowly and add minutes and intensity daily and you should experience some relief over time. Also excellent nutrition helps as well as the ability to perceive accurately. Try using the anti anxiety app on your phone for daily support. My best.
Ford v Chevy v Dodge. There is no single best medication for everyone although we try to find best one for you. Great idea to avoid benzodiazepines when possible. Celexa is part of ssri family, most of which are approved for use to treat anxiety, so if maximum dose of Celexa doesn't work, try its cousins, eg lexapro, paxil, (paroxetine) proza, zoloft, etc. Don't forget psychotherapy, too. Both together better than either alone.