Is geographic tongue permanent persisting for life? Of does it come and go? Meaning periods when u have it and periods when you dont?

Geographic tongue. Geographic tongue is a harmless, benign condition consisting of irregular shaped and colored patches, usually on the tongue. It can come and go for short periods, change appearance, or last for longer periods. Some people experience mild sensitivity to hot, spicy foods. See your dentist for a definitive diagnosis, and treatment suggestions for any discomfort.
Can change. Geographic tongue can come and go and can in some cases persist for life. It always changes but is not a health threat.
Not serious. At worst it is an inconvenience because you may need to stay away from spicy and acidic foods until it settles down. The raised lesions will change shape and size but it is not serious, nor can you spread it to others. You will notice you will have good days and not so good days, but, will likely always be there and it will move around.