Would smoking too much crystal meth only for 2 days in a row and not doing it again, harm the body in the future? Ps: not a meth user, just tried it

Possibly, not likely. If you have used meth, you may have likely damaged brain cells, but unless you binged over the 2 days, i doubt there would be any noticeable long term effects as long as your exposure was limited. Don't try it again!
Methamphetamine. Most likely no. But, I have patients who participated in significantly dangerous behavior on meth and got life threatening diseases such as hepatitis c and hiv. I have patients who have gotten psychosis and attempted suicide on a bad trip. If you have not experienced any negative consequences please be grateful and please do not use meth amphetamines again.
Meth. Unlikely, but an important lesson to learn, for future reference, is that u can experience a "bad trip" with psychosis and mood disturbance unpredictably, if u decide to use again. Be thankful u were ok.