Is it safe to have botox?

Yes. Botox is very safe if injected by an experienced practitioner. Best if injected by a board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon or other specialist in facial cosmetic surgery. Ask the doctor where they trained to do botox, how many patients treated, any complications. Avoid practitioners who learned from a weekend course. Many nurses are doing this procedure many without proper supervision.
Yes. Yes, it is very safe, there are some circumstances where Botox should not be used- lactating, eaton-lambert syndrome, people on aminoglycosides, pregant and those suffering from myasthenia gravis.
Safer than aspirin . Botox is probably safer than Aspirin which can be associated with bleeding and ulcers. While Botox or any other botulinum toxin such as Dysport or xeomin (incobotulinumtoxin a) do have risks, they have an excellent safety profile when administered by experienced individuals in good candidates.
Yes, and effective. Botulinum toxin, sold as the brands botox, Dysport and xeomin, (incobotulinumtoxin a) is fda approved. That means it has be studied and judged to be safe and effective for its indicated uses. Of course, is is safe only when used for the correct reasons, in the proper setting, with an experienced and well trained doctor's supervision.
Yes but only if . . . Administration of Botox is safe when used as directed by a highly trained physician. But how do you find such a person? One place (not only way) is http://www.Botoxmedical.Com/helpful-resources/find-a-doctor/. We all have to learn & train somewhere. You'd just rather not be the one we train on if there's no supervision. During residency, there's always someone background. In private office . . .