I had normal CPK aldolase ESR repeatedly and other blood normal along with normal emg/ncv. Normal skin biopsy. Can you still have a muscle disease?

Difficult. This question (and the related one you asked) are very difficult because i don't have enough data. The short answer is 'yes, maybe', but normal CPK and aldolase rule out a lot of possible muscle diseases. You may need a spine MRI to evaluate possible spinal cord disorders, but your physicians (especially i hope a neurologist) can best judge the nature of your problem and how to investigate it.
Probably not. Are you seeing a dermatologist or a rheumatologist? What are your symptoms?

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Is it possible to have a muscle disease with normal CPK aldolase ESR 7 times normal emg ncv and normal skin biopsy twice no weakness only burning pain?

Yes. There are many enzyme deficiency syndromes and types of muscle metabolic disorders. You may need to travel to a university medical center to get specific testing done. Was a muscle biopsy performed. Be aware that conditions such as fibromyalgia produce burning pain as well as tingling sensations in the hands and feet. Read more...

Can you have a muscle disease...If CPK normal 5 times aldolase normal...Emg and ncv normal. Esr normal....Can you still have a muscle disease?

Why do you ask? What do you think you have? Myasthenia gravis? Mitochondria myopathy? Mcardle's? Periodic paralysis? Myotonia congenita? Lumping everything together as "muscle disease" and expecting any sort of unifying set of labs / tests is naive. Start with your symptoms / signs and let a competent scientific physician rule the entities in or out until an explanation is found. Read more...