What can help with a fear of falling asleep, if anything?

Psychotherapy or med. I would start by working with a therapist to find out why it is that you are afraid to go to sleep. Many people who are afraid of sleeping have that fear because of nightmares. The nightmares could be a primary nightmare disorder, or it could represent post traumatic nightmares if you have post traumatic stress disorder. Some people are afraid to go to sleep because they have nighttime hallucinations. These may be related to another underlying conditions such as narcolepsy, or they have may have no other significance whatsoever other than making you afraid. If that is the case then i would recommend that you see a sleep disorders specialist. Some people are afraid of going to sleep because of night eating episodes, sleepwalking, night terrors, and other sleep related disorders. Nighttime is also the time when seizures are most frequent. Whatever it is that you were afraid of, seek professional help for it. Each one of these conditions requires a different approach to treatment. Some people simply have a sleep phobia for reasons that are not clear. Cognitive behavioral therapy would be best for that. In extreme situations, medication may be used to decrease your pre-sleep anxiety so as to allow you to get a full nights sleep. Best wishes to you.
Sleep. If your fearing falling asleep you are probably afraid of losing control. Confide in a friend and see if you can uncover the deep route of this fear. Sleep represents security, the faith that we can let go and be ok. Ask yourself what prevents you from feeling safe. If this worry continues consult a clinical psychologist who can help uncover the causes and help put your fears in perspective. Best.