Treatment options for dilaudid detox? Thanks!

Opioid treatment. Subuxone, methadone, clonidine, baclofen, ondansetron, anxiety meds. You should be under them care of an experienced physician. Consider vivitrol/naltrexone when detox completed.
Multiple Options. There is treatment through Methadone maintenance clinics, and outpatient suboxone treatment through exempted providers. Inpatient detox is also available through inpatient rehab centers. Successful treatment requires ongoing counseling and supervision. You would also have to make behavioral changes to avoid those persons and situations that enable your abuse.

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What are the main symptoms of dilaudid detox?

Opioid. Muscle aches, pains, sweats, cramps, runny nose agitation fast pulse and high blood pressure, depression. Builds to a peak in 48-72 hrs and improves. Read more...
Dilaudid detox. I assume you mean "dilaudid withdrawal". This is the withdrawal syndrome as with all opioids its not specific to dilaudid. Diarrhea, abdominal cramps, agitation, sweating, yawning, muscle aches, bone pains, craving, vomiting, tearing, stuffy nose, - not a very pleasant state to be in. Medical attention is to be sought. Read more...