I have a burning sensation in both arms that goes to my pinky finger. What could this be?

Nerve pain. It sounds as if you have a nerve irritation. Since it is in both arms it may be coming from a compression in the neck. See you doctor. You may need some testing to diagnose the exact cause.

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What causes pain in both arms from shoulders down to fingers? Sometimes right hand fingers feel as if they are moving slowly. Almost a burning pain

Look at your neck. since cervical nerve roots affect the hands as does the upper thoracic nerve roots. Often when there's neck problems or overuse syndrome (typing nonstop) can affect a carpel tunnel that can affect ur fingers. So call your doctor. Get a 2nd opinion too from an osteopathic doctor (DO) who specializes in NMM (Neuromusculoskeletal medicine) & can evaluate you medically, possible image your neck too. Read more...