I have no gallbladder now for 15 yrs. Pain on andoffunder rt rib through to back around side. Will nuclear hida scan show pancreas stone or bkockage?

Postchole-x Syndrome. Postcholecystectomy syndrome is the persistence or return of RUQ abd pain following gallbladder removal. This is due to non-biliary causes (irritable bowel, ulcer dz, gerd, etc), organic biliary dz (common duct stones/stricture/cancer), or functional biliary disease (sphincter of oddi dysfunction). I advise GI work up to include labs, ultrasound +/- ercp. These tests are far-better than a hida.
MRCP and/or ERCP. Mrcp (magnetic resonance cholangiopancotography is a noninvasive test that would best image the pancreatic ducts as well as the bile ducts. Ercp injects contrast in the ducts from an endoscope and is invasive, more costly and can cause complications.
A HIDA scan does. Not image the pancreatic duct. Significant obstruction of the common bile duct would give a person abnormal liver function blood tests, which is a cheaper and radiation free way to suspect biliary duct obstruction as opposed to a hida scan.
Not likely. Unless you have abnormal blood tests showing abnormal liver functions with biliary obstruction. Pancreas stones do not occiur like gallstones, especially if you have not had documented recurrent pancreatitis. Need to see a GI specialist. Mri better for bile duct or pancreatic duct if it is clinically indicated (but likely to be normal without other documented abnormalities on blood work).
Unknown. Pains in the right upper quadrant can be from stomach or liver or pancreas as well as the colon or small intestine. I would suggest seeing your doctor or a GI specialist to let them get more details and then suggest testing to help you.