People with diabetic ketoacidosis typically have what symptoms?

DKA for short. Dka is potentially life threatening complication in patients with diabetes mellitus.It results from shortage of insulin.In response, the body burns fatty acid and produce acidic ketone bodies that cause most symptoms and complications-vomiting, dehydration, deep gasping breathing, confusion, coma.Dka is a medical emergency, without treatment it can lead to death.
Usually... ...If they are not in a coma by the time you see them, they are weak, dehydrated, breathing rapidly and deeply (so-called kussmaul respirations) and have a fruity odor on their breath.
Nausea and vomiting. Nausea, vomiting and mental status changes are the most common. Frank coma can occur and dehydration is almost always present which can cause dizziness or fainting. Since infections are frequent causes of ketoacidosis, fever, cough, urinary tract burning are other possible symptoms. This is a medical emergency and should be evaluated at a hospital.