Ok I've got excessive sleepiness. What should I do?

See sleep physician. Excessive sleepiness can cause distress, and can increase risks of accidents. Make sure you get enough time (7-8 hours a day) in bed, and see a sleep medicine specialist to look for causes. Be careful about driving when sleepy.
Wakefulness test. Your dr can send you to a facility where a test can measure your "sleepiness".A common cause is sleep apnea, a condition where one stops breathing during sleep.Another cause may be "shift work disorder" or narcolepsy.Your dr. Can help guide you here.
Hypersomnia. • may occur with or without long sleep time (> or < 10 hrs). Total sleep may be over 12-14 hours. • naps generally long and unrefreshing. Sleep inertia common. Need help waking up. • mslt shows average sleep latency < 8 min and < 2 sorems. • prevalence ~1: 20, 000 • onset usually around age 10-30, develops over several weeks, then stable, resolves in 25% • CSF hypocretin normal, but histamine may b.