Of all the health problems, why would I get neuroleptic malignant syndrome?

Drugs. You may get this syndrome due to a genetic predisposition, usually unknown to you, upon receiving certain medications. Some of these medicines are used to treat nausea, stomach motility problems or emotional and psychiatric problems. Always tell your doctor if anyone in your family had adverse neurologic problems with medication.
Inciting factors. A major risk factor for developing nms is the consumption of certain medications such as Chlorpromazine or other psych medications. In general, the medications have in common the fact that they block Dopamine receptors, which are acted upon by normal levels of dopamine(a neurotransmitter) in your body. There appears to also be a genetic predisposition. The best news: stop the drug, it should g.
Medication effect. This is a rare but serious problem which is usually related to taking medications for psychiatric treatment, or sometimes for parkinson's disease. It causes fever, muscle rigidity, unstable blood pressure and other problems. The medication causing nms must be identified and discontinued. If you ever need anesthesia, be sure to tell the anesthesiologist if you've had this problem.