I had bypass surgery quadruple bypass surgery about 4 months ago had chest pains about a week ago is there any way to test for heart attack after week?

Yes. Although post operative pain is common, if you have increasing pain a cardiac test may reassrure you about a heart attack.
Yes. Your cardiac surgeon and cardiologist need to know of your symptoms. Probably just post surgical, but occasionally an issue. Ekg can be helpful, echo can be helpful. Enzymes in blood have likely cleared- and not useful now.

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Went to the ER with chest pain heart attack ruled out but high ck level of 2500 no meds to cause this but had hip surgery 3 months ago any ideas?

Many possibilities. Thepossibilities the differential diagnosis of elevated CPK is relatively narrow: muscle injury of any kind or one of the macro-ck syndromes. First I would recommend a muscle aldolase test, if abnormal something is causing ongoing muscle injury -drugs, autoimmune myositis, etc if normal, than I would do a CPK electrophoresis to determine if macro ck is present.
Need follow up. While surgery can cause elevated CPK it is not likely to be persistent after 3 months. If you had a fall recently or perform any vigorous exercise it could elevate the cpk. Also certain medication such as statins elevate the cpk. It is especially concerning if you have muscle ache, tenderness or weakness. Please talk to your doctor. You will also need follow up levels.

How can someone who has had a triple bypass surgery still die of a heart attack?

Blocked blood vessel. A bypass surgery basically provides new plumbing for the heart, adding new pipes to carry blood because the old pipes are blocked. Unfortunately, the same problems that caused blockages in the old pipes can affect the new ones, causing blockages in the bypass blood vessels. These blockages in turn can lead to a heart attack.
Multiple reasons. Either one of the bypass grafts had closed or an area of the heart that hadn't received a bypass graft can still get a heart attack.
Secondary prevention. By 10 years after bypass, there is a 50% risk of having experienced closure of one or more vein grafts. Bypass is not a cure. Atherosclerosis is an ongoing problem and requires lifelong treatment of risk factors.

Can you have pre-emptive heart bypass surgery to mitigate the risk of death by heart attack?

NO. There is not such a thing as "per-emptive" bypass surgery. If you are worried about heart attack, you have to address risk factors, including: Smoking, hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity and sedentary lifestyle. Exercise and a prudent diet will help you more than anything else.

My dad has heart disease, having had heart attack and triple bypass surgery a few years ago. Is heart disease hereditary? Should I be concerned?

Can be. Yes it can be but good healthy lifestyle; no smoking, aerobic exercise like walking 20-30min/day average, healthy normal weight, no excess drinking alcohol, for woman 12 oz beer or 6 oz wine or 1 shot liquor only /day. Get lipid profile, cvc cmp labs, see your dr for keg, do stress test if any chest pain see cardiologist.

How can bypass surgery help after someone has already had a heart attack?

CABG after MI. Bypass is often done after heart attack. Many times there is still "viable tissue" that is susceptible to further insult (and worse outcome) that may be saved by revascularization. Also, the heart attack may involve one artery in the heart yet the other arteries have disease that must be bypassed or there may be another heart attack with a much worse outcome.
Prevention. Prevents another heart attack, by bypassing the blockage in the coronary arteries. ..
Yes. If there are multiple blockages or blockages near the origin of the main coronary arteries, then bypass surgery can redirect blood flow around the blockages so the remaining heart muscle stays healthy, even after a past heart attack. The goal is to prevent future heart attacks.

Is there ensurance of no heart attack after bypass surgery of heart for 80% blockage on all vessels?

Heart attack. With diffuse coronary artery disease there is no guarantee there won't be a heart attack. CABG surgery is very effective at improving quality of life, it doesn't guarantee no heart attack. Diet, exercise, not smoking and the pile of pills we use along with surgery if appropriate are the best we can do but no guarantees in the doctor business.
No. At one operation, we fix all we can. Some people persist with the same high risk behaviors. Future blockage can occur in the native arteries or the grafts. No guarantee, but good results.