My son has lice. Where do I start?

Head lice. Head lice are common in primary s bool children and can be treated effectively with over the counter products such as rid or 1-2-3 which kill the lice. The eggs can be problematic as they stick to the hair and a wide mout comb and meticulous care may be ne essay to remove all the eggs. Wash bed linens in hot water and discard comb, brush, and hat.
3 steps... This involves: 1.Treatment of actively infested people 2.Killing of lice from clothing, and 3. Prophylaxis of close contacts. Pyrethrins, malathion, benzyl alcohol, and lindane are examples of medications used for lice treatment. The space limitations here cannot do justice to this topic- go to the cdc website for the most comprehensive answer- http://www.Cdc.Gov/parasites/lice/head/treatment.Htm.