Sebaceous cyst is treated with antibiotics before surgery removed? Which antibiotics

Many options. There are many choices that may depend on the location and your allergies. Common medications include Cephalexin or cefradroxil if not penicillin allergic. However, there are may options.
Epidermoid cyst. Actual "sebaceous" cysts are very rare. Epidermoid cysts, however, are quite common. This happens when the skin is folded under and makes a small cavity out of the actual skin itself. Some of us believe that this actually should be called an "external disease" because the actual problem is from skin which is outside the body and actually just infolded. Many antibiotics are used for this.

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Should I get a second surgery for a sebaceous cyst inner thigh?

Cyst. They can return, chances are the pouch or sack that the material fills up in has not been removed all the way, yes have it removed by a plastic surgeon. Read more...
Yes. If it bothers you then have it excised. Recurrence happens, but is unusual if the entire cyst is removed. Read more...