My sister has heart failure. What should I tell her?

Cause and drugs. She needs to know what caused her heart failure first, then there are medications that can help in alevating her symptoms.
Know options. The prognosis depends on the severity and cause for the heart failure. Nevertheless we have come a long way in the treatment of heart failure with multiple useful medications and devices such as defibrillator to make her feel better and live longer. Measures to correct the cause such as surgical valve repair, stent or bypass surgery may be applicable. She should talk to her cardio about options.

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How to tell if it's right or left sided heart failure?

Symptoms overlap. By symptoms alone sometimes its difficult. A thorough history and physical exam along with an echocardiogram usually goes along way to making the diagnosis.

Can you tell me the usual symptoms of heart failure in and adult?

CHF. Heart failure may occur slowly or acutely depending on the cause of the failure. Shortness of breath, sometimes wheezing, smothering when you lay flat, sometimes swelling of your ankles are all symptoms. What is the cause since that can produce additional symptoms?

Can you tell me if heart failure is caused by anorexia, will recovery from the eating disorder reverse the heart failure?

Yes. Heart failure can be caused by anorexia and it is reversible. It requires following the plan outlined by professionals for slowly increasing your intake of nutrition. You must be committed to helping yourself.

Can you tell me how heart failure lead to chronic lung disease?

It doesn't. It doesn't cause lung disease but chronic pulmonary congestion due to heart failure causes shortness of breath.
Resistance. Lungs are low resistance organs with failure of the heart to pump or fill the lungs are exposed to increased pressure which in time injures them.

Can a blood test tell ifu have heart problems and having cold arms doesnt mean heart failure?

Basic medicine. Lab work is far less helpful than history bland physical exam for evaluating the heart. Cold arms means basically nothing. If you are not having chest pain or syncopal attacks and can keep up physically with your peers doing physical activities, be glad for a healthy heart.