I have knee pain with weight loss and red varicose veins and mucus in the back of my throat with low grade fever..... What is this?

See a physician. It sounds as if you need a complete history, physical and lab work up to help determine the cause of your symptoms. Unintended weight loss should be full evaluated.
See below. These symptoms may or may not be related. The best thing is to seek a medical evaluation with your primary to better determine what is going on.
Seperate issues. You have seperate issues. Knee pain is from degenerative disease and vericose veins. Your throat pain could be from seasonal allergies. The knee pain may get better with nonsteroidal. For the allergies try over counter meds. Be well. Call your doctor if persists.

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Chronic knee pain worsening, swelling and vericose vein increase, shooting pains up thigh and down leg with tingling. Sometimes can't put weight on, extreme pain. No ins. Er or wait for clinic?

Go to ER. You are in lot of pain and you have swelling and lot of pain, you should not wait for clinic appointment and go get checked in er. Deep vein thrombophlebitis needs to be ruled out, so do not wait and get it checked. Read more...
Your choice. You may have a chronic deep vein thrombosis causing your symptoms. If you feel it is getting rapidly worse, go to the ed. If it can wait, urgent care. Rapidly worse, go to the. Read more...