I m 25 yrs old. I m suffering frm asthma since the age of 5.Plz advice me some treatment for it. I regularly use asthalin inhaler. Is it harmful to use?

See doctor. When asthma acts up, it may endanger your baby. So go to see your doctor now to get it under control. Regular use of albuterol inhaler alone may actually make your asthma worse. The time to see your doctor was actually yesterday.
Asthma. This is not adequate control of your asthma and with time may worsen it. You need to see an asthma specialist, such as a pulmonologist or allergist to address the problem properly.
Asthmalin=salbutamol. You didn't mention where you live but i suspect you don't live in the states as salbutamol is not sold here (we call it albuterol). It is a short-acting beta agonist and is intended as a rescue medication. If you need to use it regularly, then it's time to ask for prevention medications such as inhaled corticosteroids +/- long acting beta agonists. Tell your doc how often you're using salbutamol.