My mother was diagnosed with osteoporosis. How will this affect her?

Increased risk Fx. The most important affect that needs to be worried about is the increased risk of fractures to vital areas such as the hip, back, or wrist. Other areas can be fractured also. Loss of height also can occur over the years.There are many treatment options available now and your mother should speak with her physician regarding these.
Hard to say. Osteoporosis causes weak bones that are more likely to break. Bones that are often affected are the spine, hip, and wrist. There are medications available that have been shown to prevent fractures. It's hard to say how osteoporosis will affect your mother since it depends on the extent of bone loss and the treatment she is getting. The best course is to speak with her doctor about your concerns.
Fractures prevent. Incidences of osteoporosis increases with age. Having other medical disorders and/or immobility due to any cause also increase the risk of bone loss and future fractures. Taking preventative steps including balanced diet rich in calcium and vitamin d, engaging in weight-bearing exercises, and prevention of falls and injuries are essential for preventing fractures. Osteoporosis leads to bone fra.