Carpel tunnel what are the symptoms, I feel my left arm tingly numb and on my hand pinky and ring finger mostly numb. How do I get tested for this?

Little finger numb.. The nerve supply to the little finger can be affected. A circulation issue can also account for numbness. Sometimes a simple bruise or contusion or a swollen finger can also make out feel "numb" or different when looking for nerve compression start at the finger and work your way up tot the neck any compression on any area can cause the finger to fell different. Although we generally use the word "numb" or numbness a true numb finger has no feeling at all. Maybe a better word is tingling to mean only a partial difference in sensation. Even a swollen joint from arthritis or a bruise to the finger can make the tip f a finger feel different. A swollen tendon or a trigger finger can also make the finger feel less normal. A contusion or bruise to the palm can affect the digital nerves that go to the finger. A site of compression can be a the wrist. The ulnar nerve at the wrist more commonly affects the little finger , but some people with carpal tunnel syndrome complain of little finger numbness even though we are not supposed to be "wired" that way. At the elbow the ulnar nerve continues up the arm and the inside of your elbow where you would think of your "funny bone" as residing is a site of compression that can give tingling in the little finger. Hoever usually little finger tingling from the ulnar nerve at the elbow will be accompanied by tingling on the top of the hand on the little finger side too. Finally a compressive site in the neck or at a lower cervical nerve root ( the lower part of your neck or cervical spine) can also give tingling as for circulation, there are a variety of systemic and localized conditions that affect circulation in the hand from ryanauds, a spasm of the blood vessels due to cold , to the decreased circulation ( and neve issues) of diabetes, to a disorder that is associated with trauma to the palm and interruption of normal hand circulation. Finally there are more severe conditions that can simulate 'numbness" in arm of exretemities that are indirectly related to nerve or circulation issues should one who has little finger numbness need to worry about all these things and more? The answer is yes and no. Thats for your health care provider to determine but if the numbness continues your should seek medical attention. From a hand or orthopedic surgeons perspective: a lot of those who have numbness in the little finger have cubital tunnel syndrome, which is a chronic compression of the ulnar nerve ( your funny bone) at the elbow in the meantime think about your arm position when you are sitting at the desk or kitchen table and typing, simply sitting and being on a keyboard both your hands rotated on the keys and the inside of your elbow resting on the table or table edge can also give tingling in the little finger! those who want to know more about cubital tunnel syndrome affecting the ulnar nerve can follow the link provided.
Ulnar nerve issues. One of the important nerves to the hand, the ulnar nerve, sits on the inside of the elbow & can get irritated. This can happen in several ways, often because of too frequent and/or vigorous bending/straightening of the elbow or keeping the elbow bent for too long. Other causes include neck problems and irritation of the nerves in the armpit area. A good history and physical, possibly a nerve test.