Shin contusion 1 week ago. Was improving but now numb with intermittent shooting pain and bruising down to the inside of the ankle. Bone feels dented?

Get checked. If pain is intense you may have compartment syndrome if not intense likely bruised the nerves in area to cause the sharp pain.
Get X-rayed. You may have a small area of bone fracture or crack, and the bruising may be a sign. Very worthwhile to contact your doctor, get the images, and decide management. Could be likely a minor challenge?
Bone Bruise? Contusions can be painful, especially tibial (shin) bone contusions. If the pain is severe and you feel a dent there, see a dr. As there is the possibility you may have suffered a hair line fracture as well. Nsaids can help to start, but best to get it checked out. Best wishes.