My 27 month old son, will only eat cheerios or crackers. Everything else is a battle with temper tantrum and spitting.

If healthy, with no . Developmental delays or autism, he'll eat what he needs over time. Give 2 tbsp. Of each food/ meal. Let him spoon-feed himself. Limit milk to 16-21 oz./day ; juice to 0-4 oz/day from an open-mouth cup during meals ; snacks, not off-;-on from a sippee cup. Turn his highchair away from the table when he tantrums.Without talking. Turn back when quiet. After ~ 25 min., take food away.
Picky eater tantrums. This is not unusual having a toddler who is a picky eater. Several strategies to try- foods before liquids, offering small portions of new foods over and over. Finger foods cut in lengths also help. Remember his portion size is just two tablespoons per serving. Here is a helpful website from the american academy of pediatrics http://prod.Healthychildren.Org/english/healthy-living/nutrition/page.