Its 3:00 am and I am still awake. I am taking two moresleeping pills because pain and anxiety don't let me sleep. What is wrong with me?

Consider ... Agree w dr ali &dr. Killian, don't know what type of chronic pain you have and not sure what type of sleeping medication you are taking. Are you seeing a pain medicine specialist? If not, would encourage you to consider this. You might wish to consider acupuncture as an adjunctive treatment. It is excellent for pain control, sleep and balancing ones' life energy. It works well in conjunction >>.
Pain. I could not see sleeping pill on your list of medications. Please call your doctor this morning to see if they can fit u in for exam.
Pills are not answer. You probably are burned out on the pills. You sound like you are abusing them. They will stop working the more you take them. It is time to get a new approach. It may be time to leave western medicine and all of the pills you are taking and learn how to sleep again naturally; to prevent your anxiety with exercise, yoga, breathing exercises. Please get some help with your addictions.