Just diagnosed with inner ear infection with fluid behind eardrum. Had many questions on the way home but doctor is gone now. Can you tell me about the condition?

Otitis media? Part 1: inflammation and fluid collecting behind the ear drum (this is actually is the "middle ear" area) is "otitis media" . This usually happens when one has a cold or respiratory infection (many times caused by viruses) where the eustacian tube, the opening that allows for fluid to drain from the middle ear into the throat, is closed up (or else an infection travel into the middle ear).
Abx not needed! Part 2 most of the time, antibiotics (abx)aren't the treatment of choice for om; supportive management that decreases inflammation in the middle ear and eustacian tube, is best. Since virus infections causes a majority of om, abx don't work. The amount of time your body takes to beat a viral infection, is the about the same time as when one feels that the abx the are taking, are starting to work.

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My brother has developed inner ear infection with fluid behind eardrum. What is it exactly?

Middle ear infection. It is infection of the middle ear, not inner ear. Though fluid can accumulate due to allergies also. Fluid behind the ear drum can and should be treated to prevent damage to hearing. Read more...