If I treat neurofibromatosis will it be gone, or do I need to keep worrying? I have so much on my mind.

Its In your genes. If you do have one of the many forms of nf you have it forever. Treatment programs focus on early detection of some of the possible complications (abnormal growths in vital areas) & educating you on your form. Many cases represent new mutations. Some are inherited from parents who never knew they carried the genes. Your dr can refer you to a genetic counselor to begin your orientation.
NF does not go away. But it can be managed! and you have begun to do that by asking good questions. As you get the right answers and take steps to keep healthy, you will find that you will worry a lot less. A clinical geneticist and a neurologist will be very helpful for either nf type 1 or nf type 2. People with these genetic conditions have them from before they are born. http://www.kumc.edu/gec/support/neurofib.htm.
No cure. There is no cure for neurofibromatosis and goal of treatment is to relieve symptoms. Painful cutaneous and subcutaneous tumors and those that occur on visible areas of the body may be removed surgically. Surgery also may be performed to remove schwannomas and nerve tissue tumors (neurofibromas) that cause pain, sensory loss, and loss of function.