I've got puncture wound of the ear. Now what?

Evaulation. Your ear needs to be evaluated. Uncomplicated simple puncture wounds of the main body of the ear lobule are likely to heal uneventfully. Wounds along the margin or involving the cartilage with fragmentation of the penetrating object are more likely to be complicated requiring surgery and antibiotics and follow up. Assure that your tetanus status is up to date.
Wound care for it. Appears like torn earlobe at piercing site. If fresh, clean with half strength peroxide and hibiclens soap. Apply antibiotic ointment to area, and apply damp wash cloth with ice in ziplok bag to decrease swelling. See your family physician to examine wound for damage and potential for infection.
See ent. See ent, ear nose throat doctor for examination and discussion of whether treatment is necessary. An audiology exam for hearing loss will part of ENT exam.