I've got ear drum rupture. Now what?

Heal. See your doc to be sure the hole closes. Occasionally these need to be patched, but not usually. Sometimes antibiotics help clear the infection that caused them. If you are worried about the hole itself, think of someone with tubes in the ear. A surgeon put a hole in the eardrum and inserted a tube to keep it open to help prevent pus from building up. Your ruptured drum is similar!
Depends: If from infection, treat that. If from trauma, it will mostly resolve on its own, or rarely need surgery.

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Sure, I've heard of ear drum rupture. But now that I have it, I want to know what is really happening in my body.?

Ear drum rupture. Ear drum rupture could be traumatic or due to infection of the mioddle ear with increased middle ear pressure. Most heal on their own in a afew weeks. You should take care not to habve water go into your ears. The proximnity of the mioddle ear and inner ear to the brain can cause serious brain infections. Most ruptured drums are not to worry about though.
Pressure release. When an ear infection's pus causes pressure to build up behind the ear drum, it can pop a hole in the ear drum to drain the pus. Sounds awful, but it isn't usually. It relieves the pain that the pressure causes and drains the pus, helping to clear the infection. Holes typically close very quickly (sometimes too fast and trap some remaining pus!) avoid water in your ear while it heals. See a doc.

Are there things I can do myself to treat ear drum rupture?

Best to be seen. An eardrum rupture is usually a pinpoint perforation to let the infection out and most heal on their own with no problem. With a perforation though it is best to be seen...You may need antibiotic drops. The usual things I recommend for ear infections like garlic and willow oil cannot be used with a perforation. Chinese medicine can help and so can your doc.
Time Heals. Most ear drum rupures will heal on their own. The ones that do not, may need a surgical repair. Your doctor or an ENT should follow this. Do not put any ear drops in, unless prescribed.

Is it bad luck or bad genes that made me develop ear drum rupture?

Depends: If due to trauma, bad luck; if due to infection, both, in part.
Nothing genetic. I am not aware of any geneticly linked predisposition to ear drum rupture. The ear drum is tucked away in a strong bone protected from most outside events. Cupping injury (in a fight) or proximity to a blast might generate pressure waves that would rupture your drum. With any middle ear infection a rupture might occur & essentially all kids have them but not so many adults.
Bad Luck. Although there can be a genetic predisposition to developing ear infections, the ones that rupture are due to the severity of the specific infection and the response your immune system has to that infection. Bad luck.

My mother has ear drum rupture. Does that mean anything significant?

Not usually. It depends on the cause, but most of the time ruptured ear drums heal quite quickly and have no long term effects of hearing.
Depends. This is very common in early childhood with ear infections or after tube extrusion & most infants/toddlers self heal over days/wks. Adolescents or adults may chart a different path. As the healing potential of the body slows, a perforation may become chronic & need a patch. This can be an involved surgery & considered after the ENT was convinced it was needed. Followup with your dr & discuss options.